Hypertension Therapy Patch

Hypertension Therapy Patch

Hypertension Therapy Patch

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Do You Want To Stop Your High Blood Pressure In Just a Month? 


Whether you are a heart attack patient or, smoker, alcoholic or older adult, This 100% Natural patch will normalize your blood pressure and help you regain your health.


Headache, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, cervical pain, and symptoms are similar to anxiety. Product Usage: Clean the navel area and put the patch on the dry place, then observe the effect after 10-20 minutes.



This will help you ease all these symptoms NATURALLY.

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How Does it work? 

The patch contains special herbal saponin refined from herbs concentration and functions to regulate the heart output effectively.
It can expand blood vessels, reduce resistance outside to slow the heartbeat to normal frequency. By reducing the outside
resistance in the initial period and reducing heart output later time, it can reduce the high blood pressure and calm down the spirit 
How do you use it?
1. clean the surrounding area with a moist towel.
2. Remove the protective film gently and stick it to the Yong Quan point on the back feet. (See pic. show)
3. To stick every day before sleep and keep applying for 8 hours each time. Peel of the patch the next morning.
4. When the symptom relieved, apply every 3 or 5 days to consolidate the effect.
Dosage: Apply each day and 1 month is one period of treatment.

1. For external use only.
2. If itching appears after applying, please stop temporarily or paste anti-allergy cream, continue to apply when itching is relieved.
3. For people took oral drugs for a long time, please do not stop the drugs at the initial stage when applying the patch. They can reduce the dosage gradually under instructions by the doctor. When blood pressure keeps stable after reducing the drug for some time, they can consider stopping taking the drug finally.
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